Mina is committed to providing foodservice operators with innovative, high quality, HAND slaughtered Halal products that will appeal to a multitude of diverse guests.

Mina strictly adheres to the Islamic faith and is certified by the Halal Monitoring Authority (HMA hmacanada.org), so operators can serve their customers with confidence. Each chicken we process is carefully monitored, individually blessed and hand slaughtered. To further distinguish ourselves from our machine slaughter competitors, we proudly include “Zabeeha by Hand” tag line in our Mina logo.

Owned by Maple Leaf Foods, Mina enjoys all the benefits that Maple Leaf offers to all its customers – the same high quality, HACCP certified, Federally Regulated, BRC audited farm to fork products.

All our halal chicken is processed in Ontario and Edmonton; all raised by a Canadian Farmer.

We offer a wide range of fresh and frozen, air chilled, poultry products. Our product offering includes whole birds, and various cuts like boneless skinless breast, back attached legs, wings, and tenders to name a few. We even have specialty cuts like skin on boneless leg meat – perfect for making a shawarma cone from scratch.

Our line-up of value added poultry products includes chicken wings, chicken strips and shawarma strips that are all fully cooked and gluten free as well. We continue to expand our Halal offerings and will be launching Halal core meats products like beef burgers, and chicken bologna in the near future.

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